Where can I still find such good things in such a narrow space?

Written by Goethe while he was speaking about Thuringia. Writers and thinkers had their reasons when they settled in Thuringia. Goethe, Bach, Schiller or already during the middle ages Walther von der Vogelweide were all taken by „The Green Heart of Germany“. After relaxing and enjoying the pure nature right in front of our doorstep, this diverse culture awaits you.

You can hike the trail of the bible translator Martin Luther through the Wartburg in Eisenach which is part of the World Cultural Heritage of the UNESCO since 1999. From here you can also visit the birthplace of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Fans of history, castles and romance all get their money’s worth with the numerous castles and
fortresses in and around the Thuringian Forest.

If you are not interested in the middle ages and are more interested in present day

then visit the Bauhaus Museum in Weimar.

The Bauhaus art school was founded in 1919 by Walther Gropius. It was one of the most effective and successful exports of German culture in the 20th century. Within over 300 exhibits you will find design classics of the modern day. Here you will be able to take a tour through the beautiful world of art.

You will be able to visit Eisenach – the city of Luther, within the hour by car or train (which you can reach directly from the Train station of Gehlberg) as well as Weimar – the city of Goethe, Erfurt – the capital city of Thuringia and many other places rich in history and sights.

“Visit Thuringia!”

Other sightseeing trips in and around Gehlberg

(5 Minutes by foot)

(20 Minutes by car)


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