Our family-owned Hotel can be found in a small city called Gehlberg in the Thuringian Forest, which is only 10km from Oberhof and is approximately 700m high surrounded by forest and mountains.

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The municipality of Gehlberg lays in the Bioshere Reserve Vessertal-Thüringen Forest which is in fact one of the oldest UNESCO Bioshere Reserves in all of Germany and is located in the holiday region of Oberhof. Not only can you enjoy the pure nature while staying at „Zum Schneekopf“ but you will also have the chance to discover Thuringian’s cultural centers like Erfurt, Weimar or Meiningen..


Vacationing where the Thuringian Forest is the most beautiful.

Directly from the Hotel zum Schneekopf you will be able to find the most wonderful scenery the Thuringian Forest has to offer. From here you can go hiking and experience a panoramic view of the Gehlberg’s Hausberg which is 978 meters high. In just 15 minutes from our Hotel you can reach the well-known vacation spot Oberhof. The Thuringian Forest offers it’s visitors plenty of leisure and relaxation possibilities. For example our extensive hikes through the trails of the Thuringian Forest which includes the famous Rennsteig or captivating tracks around Gehlberg.


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